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Memories Are Designed To Fade: Poems

I would like to welcome you to my MADTF: Poems page.
Here you will find many poems that I have written, and
poetry that many people and friends have written.
but I hope that you'll like it and visit often
for new updates.

by Æsoteros
Location: Beyond the last Dream
Age: 18
Sex : M

::my rose, i bled::

never wilt
My sweet rose...
My beautiful flower among weeds,
I pray thee never wilt.
But instead lie here in my arms,
Close to me forever.

But if perchance thou wilt,
I will die along with thee,
My sweet rose,
Keeper of my heart...
i bled
Fragrant rose, of pleasure’s desire.
Hidden within thy sent, my burning fire.
Thorns lie in wait, to keep me away.
Only the brave; shall taste of thee one day.
Love is delicate, as thy petals red.
Emotions are fleeting, and for thy love
I bled...
"I bled for you, ‘cause I don’t know what else to do..."

one rose
I give to thee this one rose,
Though I yearn to give thee all the roses in the world.
Alas! I have but one.
Alas! I have but one,
Of the many in the world yonder.
Yet if it the last rose I ponder,
Then a most precious thing I give to thee.
For I give thee this one rose,
Though it be one of many...
It symbolizes more than all the roses in the world could hope to mean...
For I give thee this one rose,
And with it my heart to thee...
by WildHtt2
Location: City
Age: 18
Sex : F
If I knew
If I knew that my love would make you love me,
I would love you forever.
If I knew that my voice would make you smile,
I'd sing forever.
If the sun went down,
We'd still be side by side.
Forever holding on th what we've got.
So if I knew that saying I love you,
Would make you happy,
I'd say it forever

by WildHtt2
Location: City
Age: 18
Sex : F
Come Into My Dreams
Soft as a shadow
Like mist on the heather,
Come into my dreams
And stay there forever.
When I'm not in your arms
Come dwell in my soul,
Dispelling my loneliness,
Making me whole.
If I can't touch your lips
You can still touch my heart,
And out spirits will meet
Though mile keep us apart.
When the silver stars blaze,
When the pale moonlight streams,
When a world stands between us,
Come into my Dreams